Crossroads meets at the Adrian High School Performing Arts Center. Sunday's 9:30 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.

BPM Project

Crossroads Community Church exists to reach people for Christ, helping them to become fully

devoted followers of Christ who impact their world. In our twenty-four year history, we have used 5

different locations in 2 communities, always looking for the best tool available to reach people for


Starting with six people in 1987, we have grown to over 1000 people each Sunday. During this time

thousands of people have crossed the line and received Christ as Lord & Savior of their lives. We

witnessed 967 people, many of them adults, going public with their faith through baptism at

Crossroads. We have heard and seen countless stories of the kind of life change that only occurs

through the love of God as people become followers of Christ.

We began holding services at our current location, The Christian Family Centre, in December 2002.

Our commitment has always been for our locations to be tools to help us accomplish the mission God

has for our church. In listening to God, it was clear next steps for Crossroads included having a

location of our own.

We purchased 81 acres of land with plans to build a facility. We never imagined that in addition to

purchasing land, a building would be given to us. Yet in 2010 the congregation of the First Baptist

Church in Adrian signed over the title to the land and building at 119 N. Broad St. Their decision

driven by the belief the building could increase Crossroadsʼ effectiveness.

Throughout Crossroads existence, it has been essential to listen for Godʼs leading then boldly pursue

His plans. Over the past 16 months, Crossroads leaders have explored many options for the Broad

Street location and the land we possess, always asking God for understanding in His next steps for


We have held services at The Centre for almost nine years. We are grateful The Centre opened its

doors to us. It is a beautiful facility and has been a useful tool for us to use. However, weʼve reached

a limit to our effectiveness renting a facility we have access to a limited number of hours a week.

Now is the time for us to move forward and build a facility with optimal environments for children,

students and adults at the Broad Street location. We can do the same amount of ministry renovating

the Broad Street building for approximately half the cost of what it would take build a comparable

facility on our land at US 223.

This location puts us in the heart of the community we are trying to reach. The building plan for Broad

Street gives us the capacity to pursue Crossroadsʼ purpose and mission in the years ahead.

Our leaders are preparing a Capital Campaign to raise funds. Imagine what is possible as each of us

prays and financially supports this effort as God leads. Imagine what reaching people for Christ looks

like as we expand our serving in Lenawee County, Romania and Honduras.

Godʼs plans are always God sized and His plans for Crossroads are no exception. Each one of us is

instrumental in this project: every personʼs investment working to create a tool to help Crossroads

continue to fulfill our vision and purpose. We are passionately committed to this because people


Click here to download Crossroads Case Statement for Because People Matter.

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