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What’s Imagine about?
Imagine is a spiritual initiative that will call us to pray more boldly, invite more boldly, and give more boldly than ever before to advance our mission together. It will enable us to renovate the Broad Street Building so that we have a permanent facility for Crossroads Community Church and take advantage of the unique position and opportunity God has set before us.

How much should I give?
That is between you and God. The point of Imagine is not equal gifts, but equal sacrifice. So, when you seek the Lord as to how much to give, go prayerfully in terms of sacrifice, not just in terms of amount.

How do I decide how much to give?
The best way to determine how much to give is to fully engage in the 40-day Gospel-centered journey. After taking time each day to pray and study scripture, we believe you will decide on a sacrificial gift that is fully honoring to God.

Do I have to participate if I’m new to Crossroads Community Church?

We are prayerful that everyone will participate. If giving is part of spiritual growth, we want you to grow. You can think of it another way too: in the same way, someone sacrificed so we could create a seat for you, we want you to experience the joy of creating space for someone else.

Should I direct my regular giving to Imagine when it begins?
No, your gift should be above and beyond your regular giving. Take time to prayerfully consider what gift God is asking you to give.

What if I don’t have a lot to give?
It’s not the size of the gift, it’s the size of the sacrifice. In fact, sometimes those with little bring the greatest gifts of all because it represents a very deep personal sacrifice. God sees what you bring far more clearly than anyone else does.

Is there a way for me to give non-cash gifts?
Yes. We are more than willing to accept gifts of stocks, investments, personal property and more.

Do I have to give everything at once or over time?
Please bring the ‘first fruit’ of your offering with you to the final week of the Imagine series on Sunday, March 3rd. This will be whatever amount of your Imagine gift that you are able to give on March 3rd. Then, you can bring the rest of your gift over the three year Imagine giving window – March 2019 – February 2022. You can give your gift weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually – whatever works best for you, online or in service. Because to wait longer ignores the opportunity before us to lead more people than ever before into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

How much money are we trying to raise?
$1 million over the next 36-month window over and above our regular giving.

What will it take for us to achieve our goal?
It will take the most sacrificial financial gift we’ve ever personally given to the Kingdom. It will take the boldest prayers we’ve ever prayed and trust we’ve ever demonstrated in our relationship with God.

Where can I get more information on Imagine?
There are many ways to get more information. Engage the 40-day Draw the Circle prayer challenge starting in early February. Attend one of our Town Hall Meetings on February 19th or 21st and visit our website at for regular updates on Imagine.

When will construction begin and how long will it take to complete?
Once we have collected approximately $150,000 in pledges, the bank will advance us funds from our construction loan and renovation work will commence. Total construction time will be about 12 months.


Is there enough parking?
We have mapped out the parking spaces in the downtown area and have determined that there is more than enough parking in the surrounding lots and streets.

How will snow removal happen on Sunday AM in the public lots?
The City has assured us that the they will be doing snow removal on Sunday mornings as the parking lots are in use on Sundays as well as week days. We will also have an opportunity to serve the local businesses by shoveling the sidewalks.

Will everyone fit into new church?
We believe that this facility is appropriately sized for our current attendance and growth.

Will we be able to do some of the work ourselves?
Yes! Our contractor will coordinate with volunteers to perform demolition work as well as some of the construction work.

Will there be an opportunity for support groups during the week?
We will continue to pursue a strategy that is most effective to reach our target audience and fulfill the mission of Crossroads. Having a building that we have access to 24 hours a day, 7 days per week gives us many more opportunities to serve people in our community.

Will the auditorium be big enough to have music concerts? Would C3 host them?
The auditorium will be seat approximately 400 people so it is possible to house a concert,
however hosting a concert would need to fit strategically with Crossroads’ mission.

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