Crossroads meets at the Adrian High School Performing Arts Center. Sunday's 9:30 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.



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What is happening with the land on US223?

Currently the property taxes are being paid though income from leasing the property for farming and oil. Since the current land values are much lower than when we purchased the property right now it makes

sense for us to hang on to the land until the market improves.

What about Project Share? Will we be doing it this year?

Project Share World Edition will be happening again this year. The first $100,000 of the $4,000,000 campaign is designated for Project Share.


Is there enough parking?

We have mapped out the parking spaces in the downtown area and have determined that there is more than enough parking in the surrounding lots and streets.

How will snow removal happen on Sunday AM in the public lots?

The City has assured us that the they will be doing snow removal on Sunday mornings as the parking lots are in use on Sundays as well as week days. We will also have an opportunity to serve the local

businesses by shoveling the sidewalks.


Will everyone fit into new church?

We believe that this facility is appropriately sized for our current attendance and growth.


Will we be able to do some of the work ourselves?

Yes! Our contractor will coordinate with volunteers to perform demolition work as well as some of the construction work.


Will there be an opportunity for support groups during the week?

We will continue to pursue a strategy that is most effective to reach our target audience and fulfill the mission of Crossroads.

Will the auditorium be big enough to have music concerts? Would C3 host them?

The auditorium will be similar in size to the Centre’s auditorium so it is possible to house a concert, however hosting a concert would need to fit strategically with Crossroads’ mission.


How much money do we need to start the work on the BSB?

If we reach the goal of $4,000,000 we will be able to give the builder and architects a “go” by the end of December and the construction phase could be completed as early as the end of September.

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