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Kids Baptism – Hey Kid Crossing Kids and Parents have Questions? Check this out.

Hey Kid Crossing kids and parents!  Do you have questions about salvation and baptism?  We’ve got some great resources we have shown in Kid Crossing to explain salvation and baptism.

The first, and most important step, is asking Jesus to be your forever friend and make Him the leader of your life.  Watch the Salvation Message video and read “The Big Story Conversation Guide For Parents” salvation_guide1.

The next step after salvation is baptism. Watch Dot and Bouncy explain what it means.  You can also watch
What is Baptism? Kids Edition
 for an overview of both salvation and baptism. If you think you’re ready for baptism, call the church office at 517.266.1919, or sign up at the What’s Happening Center on Sunday.

Baby and Child Dedication
As parents, we cannot decide our child’s salvation. This must be an individual decision with Christ. At Crossroads, we only baptize those who have made a personal decision to follow Jesus.  We do not baptize babies.  Christ wants you to commit to raising your child in God’s love.  We offer a baby/child dedication celebration where parents can make this commitment. Watch the church website and bulletin for information on the next celebration event.

Dot and Bouncy – Baptism

What is Baptism? Kids Edition

Salvation Message – Crumpled Paper –

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