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December In Jolt and Pulse, Students


Most people are pretty sure they know the story of Christmas. There’s a baby, and a manger, and some sheep, and Santa, and — well, it’s something like that. But there’s a problem with seeing the story of Jesus’ birth as just another story from the Bible. The story of Christmas isn’t just one of many stories in Scripture – it’s part of the story – the big story of God and His relationship with His creation. In this 4-week series, you’ll help students see how the birth of Jesus changed the story of humanity forever in a way that was completely unexpected, undeserved, unbelievable, and undeniable.


Week One: This Christmas, Let’s Celebrate God’s Unexpected Grace

This week, you’ll give students a big-picture overview of the entire story of God to help them understand why Jesus’ birth was so unexpected.

Week Two: This Christmas, Let’s Celebrate The Undeserved Gift of Jesus

This week, you’ll look at the prophecies of Isaiah and the words of Jesus as you help students see just how undeserving we are of the gift of Jesus.

Week Three: This Christmas, Let’s Celebrate That God Can Do The Unbelievable

This week, you’ll look at the words of Paul and the stories of Mary and Joseph as you help students see that God invites us to be a part of His miraculous work.

Week Four: This Christmas, Let’s Celebrate That God’s Goodness is Undeniable

This week, you’ll look at the story of the shepherds who were present at Jesus’ birth as you help students respond to the goodness of God.

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