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Imagine Project update through 2/10/2020:

· Total Dollars Pledged plus non-pledged:  $1,298,594.30, up $1,074.97 this week
· Currently collected cash and checks:  $512,172.80, up $6,411.47
· BPM Construction loan debt:  $0.00
· IMAGINE Construction loan debt:  $1,535,031.71

The fire suppression system installation is complete. HVAC systems are installed and running. The fire alarm system is installed. The elevator is installed and awaiting inspection. The foam risers and decking for tiered seating is installed and the new seats have been ordered. The main-stage extension has been framed in and the deck is installed. The lights are installed in the auditorium and painting is nearly complete.  The restroom expansion in the lobby is ready for flooring and finish plumbing. The electrical work is nearly complete with only a few fixtures remaining to be installed. New drywall has been installed in the Students’ large group space and is ready for painting. Flooring installation has begun. Preparation for the new tree fort in the K-4 activity space has begun and we are still hoping to complete the Move-In Phase by Easter of 2020.

Check out the details under the Imagine Project tab on Crossroads’ website or go to Lee’s weekly blog at for up to the minute photos of our progress. Feel free to contact Lee at the church
office (266-1919) with any questions.

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