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Creative Ways to Give

What are some ways that I can give?

Sacrifice: Giving up something you love to get something you love even more.

What is there of value that I will give up so that I can invest in something of greater value?

Trust God:

After careful prayer and consideration, trust God to replace what you have sacrificially given or enable you to live without it.

Plan ahead:

  • Adjust your budget – add income, reduce expenses, reduce spending.
  • Save a designated amount each week or month.
  • Do I have rental property or interest bearing accounts generating income that I could give?
  • Do I have any talents that can provide marketable services?
  • Can I use my time to create value and increase income? If I bill services, can I open up more time over the next three years to add income?

Decrease: (Think of creative ways to save money.)

  • Get a new quote on an existing service.
  • Do extra comparison or bargain shopping to save funds.
  • Decrease a weekly expense. Maybe fewer coffee runs or one less dinner out each week.
  • It could be as easy as saving extra change to give.

Donate: (A great way to give is to give existing assets.)

  • Giving your assets to Crossroads and letting us sell them eliminates potential capital gains taxes and may increase after-tax proceeds.  Please contact the church office for more guidance before committing an asset gift in order to determine its viability for liquidation.

Sell an asset: (Sell a possession and give the proceeds.)

  • RV’s, boats, cars, snowmobiles
  • Real estate – land or second home
  • Jewelry and collectibles
  • Excess stuff

Delay or change your plans: (Prayerfully ask God about delaying plans and using the savings to contribute.)

  • Take a lesser vacation
  • Wait to buy a different car or home
  • Defer retirement
  • Put off a remodeling project

Draw from savings: (Give of your savings as God blesses you.)

  • Bonuses
  • IRS Refunds
  • Stocks or Bonds
  • Excess College funds
  • Inheritance

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