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Imagine Project update through 7/1/19:

· Total Dollars Pledged plus non-pledged:  $1,278,287.83, up $30.00
· Currently collected cash and checks:  $314,356.08, up $4,031
· BPM Construction loan debt:  $0.00
· IMAGINE Construction loan debt:  $305,119.24

Fire suppression system installation in nearly complete. HVAC systems installation continues and rooftop units are installed. LULA elevator pit is poured, re-routing of pipes and electrical to prepare for the elevator installation is complete and walls for the elevator are being built.  Stud walls in the Nursery and K-4 spaces are underway as well. 

Check out the details under the Imagine Project tab on Crossroads’ website.
Feel free to contact me at the church office (266-1919) with any questions.

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