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December 22. Walk This Way.

Welcome to Walk This Way

You may watch the Walk This Way online experience:

  • Click here to go right to YouTube and watch it there.
  • Right here on this page
  • Clicking on the YouTube logo on the bottom right of the video embedded in this page. The little gear in the far bottom right controls the resolution. For HD choose 1080 or 720p. Note that this is dependent on your internet speed.

Depending on your computers operating system, you may need to right click and then “save as, or save link as” to download these files.

Click here to download the Prayer Walk Guide.

If you have questions about what a prayer walk is click here to download the FAQ Prayer Walk Guide for December 22.

Click here to download the lyrics to the songs for December 22 Walk This Way.

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If you enjoyed the Christmas carols and would like your own copies, go to Crossroad’s soundcloud page and download them for free. Click here.