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Family Ministries Blueprint Online Intro Video March 7, 2021
Hey parents and kids!!! Check out this weeks first video with Brandon and Wally as we start our new series Blueprints! Let’s see what Wally can learn this week about when Jesus cleared the Temple. But first we have a special event called Egg Your Neighbor! What is it? You might ask, let’s make sure we are paying attention to Brandon as we will soon find out!

“Tell The World” Northpoint Kids – Lyric Video
Hey! Parents and kids!!! Check out this second video of one of our Worship songs for today.

Ask Seek Knock (Lyric Video) – Hillsong Kids
Hey! Parents and kids!!! Check out this third video of one of another Worship song for today.

Week1 Blueprints Elementary Video GrowKids
Hey! Parents and kids check out this fourth video of our lesson today brought to you by Grow TV.

Family Ministries Blueprint Online Outro Video March 7, 2021
Hey kids and parents!!! Check out this fifth and final video for today. Do you think Wally understands yet? I think he just got the part of Jesus flipping over tables in the temple and not that the people were not following God’s plan and just trying to make money! Don’t forget todays BIG IDEA!!!!! GOD’S PLANS ARE PERFECT!

Joyce Ely
Kid Crossing Director

Brandon Maybee
Family Pastor

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