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Family Ministries Rise Up Online Intro Video April 18, 2021
Hey parents and kids!!! Check out this weeks first video with Brandon and Wally. It looks like Wally is still a kid! I wonder if they were able to find Dr. Savage yet. Hmmmm, it doesn’t look like they found him but it does look like they had quite an adventure though. I think a game might help encourage both of them! Did you get any of the game answers correct??? You know, let’s go check out Grow TV to see if maybe they can help bring us some encouragement today.

Undefeated – Elevation eKids Worship Lyric Video
Hey! parents and kids check out this second video of our Worship song for today.

Week3 RiseUp Elementary Video
Hey! parents and kids check out this third video of our lesson today brought to you by Grow TV.

Heaven Is Our Home Lyric Video – Hillsong Kids
Hey! parents and kids check out this fourth video of another Worship song for today.

Family Ministries Rise Up Online Outro Video April 18, 2021
Hey kids and parents!!! Check out this fifth and final video for today. Wow, Peter must have felt pretty bad, I know I would have. Do you think that maybe if the disciples are fishing they will catch anything? I guess we will have to find out. Alright, it is time to finish up with a Recap Quiz today! GOOD LUCK

Joyce Ely
Kid Crossing Director

Brandon Maybee
Family Pastor

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