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Here’s how you can help!

We will be regularly providing prayer guides during this time. For now, please pray that God will use our church, through this initiative, to reach people for Jesus and that we can grow as a church. You can also find our weekly prayer guide here.

Do you want to help our front line workers by making facemasks?

*Non-smoking homes only, please.

We will be collecting for men and women that are currently working in the healthcare field. A Crossroader will then distribute the donated masks to our local healthcare facilities.

Can you sew? Do you have extra material? (Use only 100% cotton tightly woven fabric.)

Watch the step-by-step instructional videos in the links below:

Please direct any questions for production to Vicky (734) 726-0687.

Completed masks and donated material can be brought to the Broad Street building (119 N Broad Street, Adrian) and dropped in the designated bin at the back deck entrance under the yellow awning. Drop off times are Monday-Thursday 9 am-1 pm. (please contact the church office and leave a message if you need to schedule a different time for drop off).

Email: office@ilovemychurch.org

Phone: 517-266-1919 Please leave a message.

Reflect Christ.
In these anxious days, the church (all of us) can shine as a light of hope, care, faith, patience and prudence. We can demonstrate for the world how our faith provides true assurance against worry and fear.

Wash those hands!
Because COVID-19 likely spreads like the cold and the flu, personal hygiene is very important for all ages.

Be Generous. Help our partners.

GCLA: Iglesia Gran Comision, La Ceiba Honduras
GCLA’s mission is to plant churches in the Latin America World.

Forget Me Not Ministries – Tinca, Romania
FMN strives to help at-risk Roma (Gypsy) children and families in Romania realize that they are not forgotten by God and to assist in their development, provide for their protection, and to secure their future with hope from God.We seek to provide stability and nurture for neglected children by meeting their emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and social needs.FMN offers training, employment, Bible studies, and education to parents with the vision of breaking the generational cycles of abandonment and abuse, which dominates many Roma societies; with the goals of empowering the Roma, and creating community development.

I-92 Ministries
I92 partners with local food pantries and global humanitarian aid relief organizations to provide safe nutritious food to people in need. They aspire to reach people in areas that have difficulties receiving food regardless of their location or situation.

Care Pregnancy Center:
The Care Pregnancy Center of Lenawee seeks to change hearts and lives by providing Christian care to elevate God’s plan for the sacredness of life, sexuality, and the family in our community. Their doors are open to women and men who are in need of support while facing an unplanned pregnancy or various parenting needs. They are here to support individuals during this time in their lives, and if they can’t help, they will refer them to someone who can. Since their opening in 1984, Care Pregnancy Center of Lenawee has affected over 25,000 lives – offering more than 3,700 services in 2016 alone.

H.E.H.: Hope and Encouragement for Humanity
HEH’s mission is to bring hope and encouragement to humanity. To do this they believe they must affirm the God given dignity and value of those in distressed circumstances by meeting their physical and spiritual needs. They strive to show God’s love through the redistribution of donated goods to those suffering privation. Locally food is distributed to food pantries throughout Lenawee county to feed those in need.

Neighbors of Hope
The causes of twenty-first century poverty are complicated, and a diverse array of people are finding themselves in need of help for different reasons. Many feel trapped and hopeless.Complex problems call for complex solutions. Neighbors of Hope provides these solutions through a comprehensive suite of Christ-centered programs and services for our most vulnerable neighbors, including a men’s transitional housing program, addiction recovery program, resale store, food pantry, farm, and programs for homeless women and children. With responsible stewardship, collaborative relationships, and sustainable social enterprises, Neighbors of Hope transforms lives with the hope of the Gospel and helps make Lenawee County a better place to live and work for everyone in our community.