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Trunk or Treat

If you are interested in being a TRUNK (decorating your car and handing out candy) or if you want to donate candy

Click here for registration

If you are interested in GETTING CANDY then keep reading
Where do I go to get candy?
On Halloween between 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Crossroads parking lot. 119 N. Broad, Adrian

How do I get candy? 
We will have cars parked around our parking lot with some of the most awesome people on the planet will give you candy.

Do I wear a costume?
Yes! We will be having a costume contest so feel free to wear your costume. If you don’t want to, that’s totally cool we will still give you lots of candy.

Why are you giving people candy?
We want to show our community that we care, and what better way to say people matter than with lots of sugar.

What if there is no trick or treating in Adrian?
We will still be out in the parking lot! And with lots of candy!!!

Can I bring my friends?
Of course!

Is it covid safe?
The candy will all be in pre-packaged sandwich bags that our volunteers at each car will drop into your halloween bag. Think contact-less delivery but candy. Our volunteers will all have on masks and be sanitizing their hands early and often. If you have more questions about being covid safe or anything else please reach out to our Family Pastor

Do I need to register beforehand?
No you do not need to register beforehand, you can just show up! We will be registering people prior to entering the parking lot as a Covid safety measure.